Transmitter Brewing

Image of Transmitter Brewing
Photo - Paul Wavey Davey

 WiFi available Brewery tap, may have limited hours

53-02 11th Street
Long Island City NY 11101
(Long Island City)



Open 1600-2000 Fri, 1200-2000 Sat, 1200-1800 Sun. Closed Mon-Thu.

Craft Bottles/Cans: 3

Beers: Transmitter Brewing large bottles.

Nearest subway: 21st St-Van Alst(G), Vernon Boulevard-Jackson Ave(7)

Nearest ferry line: East River


Farmhouse style brewery, limited space to drink.

Directions – 7 train to Vernon Boulevard-Jackson Avenue, walk south towards the LIRR rail yard, turn left on Borden Avenue heading east, first right on 11th Street (under the Pulaski Bridge), cross over the rail tracks. Alternatively, G train to 21st Street-Van Alst, walk south-west on Jackson Avenue as far as the Pulaski Bridge, cross over to the bridge walking path on the west side, turn left to be on the bridge path and proceed on the bridge until you come to the first staircase down to street level (before reaching the water), go down the stairs and the brewery is opposite. FROM THE FERRY LANDING at Hunters Point South, walk east on Borden Avenue, first right on 11th Street (under the Pulaski Bridge), cross over the rail tracks.

Alex says

This brewery doesn’t have much space to drink in (one table, plus three stools in the entrance), but you can if you’re there before the limited space gets taken. Excellent farmhouse style beers are available, at least three but can be up to six. Important warning – there is no toilet. So, for the space limitation and lack of facilities, I would strongly recommend getting here early - and if doing a crawl this would be best as the first stop. (2/2015)

Jezza says

Brewery tasting room right under the Pulaski Bridge. Beware, there is only one table to sit at. Double beware – there is no toilet. But this brewery tap is a great visit and the brewery is doing some excellent beers of huge interest. Close to Alewife.

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