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Photo - Alex Hall

 Alex Honorable Mention New entry in the Guide in 2016

5-37 51st Avenue
Long Island City NY 11101
(Long Island City)




Open 1400-2300 Mon-Wed, 1300-2300 Thu, 1300-0100 Fri, 1200-0100 Sat, 1200-2000 Sun

Craft Bottles/Cans: 202

Beers: Beer range varies

Nearest subway: 21st St-Van Alst(G), Vernon Boulevard-Jackson Ave(7)


A great hybrid bar and beer store on the same block as Alewife.

Directions - 7 train to Vernon Boulevard-Jackson Avenue, walk south briefly on Vernon Boulevard, turn right on 51st Avenue. Alternatively, G train to 21st Street-Van Alst, walk south-west on Jackson Avenue (go straight ahead on Jackson Avenue past the entrance to the Pulaski Bridge), veer to the right onto 51st Avenue just before the road ends.


A good little bar-store hybrid, complementing Alewife (q.v.) almost opposite. At the time of writing, there are just over 200 craft bottles to choose from but there will be 6 beers on tap soon with future plans for 21. (2/2016)

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