Pencil Factory

Image of Pencil Factory
Photo - Alex Hall

142 Franklin Street
Brooklyn NY 11222



Open 1500-0400 Mon-Fri, 1300-0400 Sat/Sun.

Craft Keg Taps: 12

Beers: Beer range varies

Nearest subway: Greenpoint Ave(G)

Nearest ferry line: East River


Airy corner bar with a few good taps.

Directions - G train to Greenpoint Avenue, take the southern (Greenpoint Avenue) exit, head west past Búðin and The Black Rabbit (q.v.) and look to the next south-east corner. FROM THE EAST RIVER FERRY at Greenpoint Landing, walk east, take the first right on West Street, turn left on Greenpoint Avenue (passing Brouwerij Lane, q.v.).

Alex says

Wood and brick abounds in this casual corner bar. Not the best range on tap but always some good ones, though nothing too uncommon. (1/2015)

Jezza says

22 taps, and while they could be a bit more adventurous there is always something good to drink here. Lots of unpainted wood and nice large benches. Almost opposite Black Rabbit, and round the corner from Brouwerij Lane and The Diamond, so you may be passing.

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