Brewery tap, may have limited hours

These are brewery taps. They may have limited hours and may only be open limited days. Please call or check their website before traveling.

A great brewery taproom with high quality and innovative beers.

A brewery with taproom which unusually also brews beer for distilling on the premises.

Brewery with a decent sized taproom, opened in 2016 by three keen homebrewers.

Folksbier  WiFi available New entry in the Guide in 2017 Brewery tap, may have limited hours

Brewery taproom, unusually mainly featuring authentic German lager styles, which opened January 2017. The brewery itself was established in 2014.

Brewery with an expanded taproom as of September 2017. IPAs rule here.

A good quality brewery and taproom, a true oasis in the beer desert of southern Brooklyn.

Smart, modern brewery taproom.

Very well respected craft brewery with a taproom open weekends.

Sizeable brewery taproom with a guitar theme.

Excellent brewery taproom.

An excellent brewery tap, beers are brewed by NYC brewing hero Chris Cuzme (who is also one of the two owners, the other being David Scharfstein).

Tiny, bare bones bar serving as ICONYC's taproom.

Spacious brewery taproom.

Very cool brewery taproom.

Farmhouse style brewery, limited space to drink.

A great brewery taproom with a good variety of beer styles on tap.

Brewery tap with great beers, worth the long walk from the subway.

Sizeable brewery taproom not far from the ferry.

Brewery with taproom.

Full taproom within a brewery.